The Real Advantages of Dental Crowns and Bridges

The Real Advantages of Dental Crowns and Bridges

When you’ve lost a tooth for whatever reason, there are several replacement options available to you. To find the best option for your particular circumstances, consult with Mayfield Dental, a premier Canadian dental clinic with offices in both Brampton and Caledon, Ontario. The dental specialists there will interview you about your medical history and thoroughly examine your mouth before discussing options with you. Two of the options you’ll have will include dental crowns and bridges, each of which carries their own set of advantages. Below, you’ll find information about the benefits of choosing one or the other of these tooth replacement options.

Advantages of dental crowns

A dental crown is a kind of cap which fits securely over a tooth surface, and is intended to lend considerable strength to the overall structure of the tooth. It also restores the good appearance you used to have before any damage occurred to the tooth. This kind of restoration is generally made from a number of different materials, the most popular of which is porcelain. The specific type of materials your crown is made of will determine its eventual cost.

One of the first advantages of having a dental crown installed is that it can solve the problem of having a broken, fractured, or otherwise damaged tooth which is unable to properly chew or bite food. If you didn’t install something like a dental crown, it’s possible that the damaged tooth could be exposed to further harm. Installing a dental crown will avoid the possibility of further damage, and restore proper biting and chewing functions.

Another big advantage of using a dental crown is that it’s very useful in the aftermath of a root canal procedure. A dental crown will add considerable functionality and duration to your tooth following this kind of dental process. After a root canal procedure, your tooth will deliver the same kind of performance that the original tooth did.

One other situation where having a dental crown installed can be extremely advantageous is when you have a tooth that has undergone significant decay and requires multiple fillings over the years. When you have to replace fillings frequently, it generally causes the tooth to become significantly weaker, and in fact you may end up losing the truth eventually. This can all be avoided by capping the tooth with a dental crown, thus adding much functional life to it, and strengthening it at the same time.

Advantages of dental bridges 

A dental bridge is another option for tooth replacement, and it’s generally used when it’s necessary to replace multiple teeth. First off, the dentist will need to get an impression of your teeth so that a prosthetic can be developed to fill the gap. It will then be necessary to reshape the teeth nearby, so they can serve as anchors for the bridge. Once installed, a dental bridge will restore your ability to bite, chew, and speak properly, and will also restore the great smile you used to have. Having a dental bridge in place will also avoid the possibility of having adjacent teeth shift into the open gap.

One advantage of having a dental bridge installed is that it offers a quick treatment for replacing missing teeth, so you can begin chewing and speaking normally again, and you can feel good about yourself. They’re also very lightweight and inconspicuous, so they don’t weigh you down when chewing or biting. A dental bridge has the capability of distributing bite force evenly across the teeth in your mouth, which is a much more natural situation than if you had missing teeth.

Given the fact that they’re so comfortable, dental bridges are very easy to adapt in your mouth, especially after they’ve been in place for a while. They can help you to have a more youthful look, because you won’t have gaps in your mouth that cause facial muscles to sag. There’s also no possibility of losing jaw bone mass because of missing teeth, so your face will retain its natural youthful look.

So which is better for you? 

Both crowns and dental bridges are excellent options for replacing missing teeth or missing tooth structure. If you have just one tooth missing, a crown may be the best way to go for you, and if you have multiple teeth missing from the same area of your mouth, it may be that a bridge is your other option. In any case, discuss these options with your dentist to find out which may be the best fit for your circumstances, and then have the procedure done to restore your smile and all the other chewing, speaking, and biting functions you need to have. Need to improve your simile with a dental crown or dental bridge contact our dentist in Brampton today for a free consultation.