Do I Need a Root Canal? Symptoms to be Aware Of

Do I Need a Root Canal? Symptoms to be Aware Of

In most cases, people require root canal treatment because bacteria have invaded the spaces inside the roots of teeth, commonly referred to as the root canals, and are doing damage to the structure of the teeth. Bacteria usually make their way into a tooth through a cavity, a crack on the tooth surface, or perhaps an old filling. Once these bacteria do make their way into your teeth, it can cause an infection that causes swelling and pain for the victim.

Most tooth infections are generally painful, but there are times when the signs and symptoms don’t show up at all, or are at least so subtle that it makes them hard to diagnose. It can be very important to pay attention to the signs and symptoms which point to a possible infection in your teeth, because the problem will not go away, and will only get worse. Here are some of the signs and symptoms you should be on the lookout for, and these will alert you to the fact that you might need a root canal treatment.

Signs you might need root canal treatment 

Here are some of the most obvious symptoms you should be aware of, because these could be indications that you have an infection in one of your teeth, and that a root canal treatment procedure might be necessary:

extreme pain in one of your teeth –

when the pulp of your tooth gets infected after being damaged or cracked, it can allow bacteria inside the tooth from any external source, and a break in your tooth can allow it to go straight to the nerve, which will result in extreme pain. Anytime that you eat hard food like sweet candies, it could shatter your tooth. If you’re someone who grinds their teeth, that can also lead to cracking or tooth fracturing, which will be very detrimental to your general health.

a toothache

having a toothache is one of the most obvious indicators that something is wrong with your teeth. It might be a toothache with no obvious cause, or you might feel pain and discomfort when doing simple things like chewing or biting. Anytime you feel pain or discomfort when you’re eating something, you should probably make an appointment with your  Brampton dentist to have it checked out.

swollen gums –

swollen gums indicate that something different is going on with your teeth, and an infection is one of the possibilities. Whenever you see gums that are swollen or red, or if you spot the presence of pimples on your gums, that may be an indicator that a root canal procedure is needed, so you should contact your dentist.

pain from hot or cold foods or liquids –


this is a sign that a root canal treatment might be needed, if the pain you experience from a hot or cold beverage or food persists after you have eaten or drunk the food or beverage. It’s also possible that you could experience discomfort from cold or heat in the first few months after a root canal procedure. When you consistently feel discomfort from eating cold foods like salad or when drinking ice water, it could be that there is still something wrong with the tooth where you had a root canal procedure performed. It’s definitely worth your while to have this checked out by your dentist or endodontist.

tooth discoloration –

tooth discoloration is very often a sign that an infection is in progress, and it’s something you should have checked out right away. Whenever you notice a tooth is brown, gray, or yellow in comparison with the surrounding teeth, it might be a sign that a root canal treatment is necessary, and you should seek immediate treatment.

If you notice any of the above signs or symptoms occurring with teeth in your mouth, you should have it checked out by your dentist or endodontist. Your dentist will be able to determine whether or not a root canal procedure is indicated, and if so, it can be scheduled at the earliest possible time.

Where to have a root canal procedure performed 

If you’re worried about undergoing a root canal procedure, you should be aware that it is an entirely pain-free experience, and it will restore your teeth to good health when done by a skilled practitioner. To be sure you’re receiving the best possible treatment, contact Mayfield Dental Clinic at one of our two Ontario locations, in Brampton or Caledon for a consultation.